Business Development and Communications Manager

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30-40 hours per week (employee's choice)

Rp 14.982.000 to 16.693.000 (M1) gross / pro-rata


This job is a key project support for multiple projects within the organisation. The Manager will work closely with project leads and directors to support prospective and current projects and will be actively engaged in business development and communications. There is plenty of opportunity for learning on the job from leading experts in the field.


Business Development (80%)

A1.  Contact potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings

A2. Plan and oversee new business development initiatives

A3. Research organisations and individuals to find new opportunities

A4. Increase the value of current customers while attracting new ones

A5. Find and develop new clients

A6. Attend conferences, meetings, and industry events

A7. Develop proposals for projects with technical team members

A8. Develop and monitor goals for the development team and business growth

A9. Train personnel and help team members develop their skills

A10. Search for, and liaise with, potential consultants whose expertise is key to Dala

A11. Manage consultant contracting and onboarding

Communications (20%)

B1. Co-ordinate and facilitate the production, writing and/or editing of communications materials including flyers, promotional material, invitations and website content

B2. Create, edit and manage content for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

B3. Develop digital communications plan with managers

B4. Create, edit and co-ordinate blogs on the company website

B5. Assist project teams in uploading content and managing training/events calendar

B6. Build the capacity of technical and managerial staff to have better digital media presence

B7. Develop and implement branding strategy

B8. Oversee revisions to website content

B9.  Copyediting in English as needed (if possible)


Required attributes:

  • 7+ years of professional experience in an organisation dealing with environment and/or development issues

  • 5+ years working with a  broad range of clients and donors with proven record of successful proposal writing and extensive network in Indonesia and moderate international network

  • 3+ years of proven track records in increasing numbers of followers and developing widely-distributed social media content

  • Bachelor (S1) degree (Masters (S2) preferred) in a field related to development, the environment, economics, politics, business, communications or other social science

  • Ability to draft professional documents with minimal need for copy editing

  • Demonstrated passion for the wellbeing of people and nature, and against discrimination and oppression

  • Familiarity with a wide range of software applications for business productivity

  • Professionally proficient in English and Indonesian

Personal attributes:

  • A flexible approach to work

  • Comfort with learning by doing

  • Ability to manage time when given direction by multiple managers

  • Curiosity to learn new things and ways of working

  • Enthusiasm to work in a team, and the ability to take initiative on her/his own.

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • A positive attitude toward work with a disdain for gossip, large egos, and undermining the work of colleagues

Preferred attributes:

  • Experience in multicultural work environment

  • Experience working remotely or freelance

  • Ability to copy edit in English

Facilities and Benefits

The position is for between 30-40 hours per week. Candidates may propose between this range and will not have any advantage or disadvantage due to their proposal. The initial employment contract will be for 12 months with the possibility of extension. The first contract will be subject to a three-month probationary period.

The salary for the positions will be paid in Indonesian Rupiah. The base range will be Rp 14.982.000 to 16.693.000 (M1) gross / pro-rata. The rate offered will depend on each candidate's qualifications and experience relevant to the position. The position-holder will have 20 days of vacation + the national holidays per year (pro-rated) and 13th month salary (THR). As a small company, Dala does not offer the facilities of medical insurance or pensions beyond the mandatory requirements of BPJS Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan. In lieu of these benefits, employees may claim ⅔ of private medical and pension plan premiums up to Rp 10,000.000 per year on receipt.


This position is home-based anywhere in Indonesia. Note that the home-based nature is not because of COVID-19 and will be home-based for the duration of this contract. Applicants based in Bali or Jakarta preferred. Working hours are flexible, however, Dala employees are expected to be available for meetings and communications during normal working hours Monday to Friday. Due to the international nature of work, some evening meetings may be required.

Home-based employees are expected to supply their own equipment and facilities required for work: computer, internet connection and mobile phone and ensure they are in good working condition. If the employee is unable to purchase such equipment, arrangements can be made with Dala.

This position is only open to candidates who have the existing legal right to work in Indonesia. The Dala Institute will not sponsor work or stay permits in Indonesia.

Dala is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family composition, religion, physical characteristics, medical condition, race or ethnicity.

A note on COVID-19: This position is home-based and therefore does not have any special COVID-19 caveats. If any activities are required outside the home or involving travel, they will only be approved after careful scrutiny for Dala’s strict COVID-19 protocols.


2021/AHRM/002 Job Kit: Business Development and Communications Manager

Application Procedures

Qualified candidates must submit their applications no later than 23:59 WIB on the Closing Date.  Please include the posting code on the cover letter.


Questions about application or position can be addressed to until five (5) working days before the Closing Date.​

Qualified candidates must submit their applications on no later than 23:59 WIB on the closing date.  Please use the Job Code on the front page of this kit.

Applications should include ALL of the following:

  1. A merged PDF with:

  • A signed cover letter (max 1 page) clearly showing your interest in the job, a highlight of your qualifications and your motivations.

  • A table of the desired qualifications relating to your skillset.

  • Your cv, showing a description of what you did for each of your professional experiences and the dates of each role you list in PDF. Please don’t simply list your job title and employer. Note that personal and biometric data are not required at this point and will not influence selection  (e.g. birthday, gender, marital status, photo). References will only be asked if we need them.


  1. A 60-second video explaining why you are the best person for the job. Videos will be evaluated based on content, not production quality, however creativity is welcomed in terms of how you chose to convince us of your fit. You may show your physical person in the video, but are not required to. Please try to portray information that we can’t immediately see on your cv such as your readiness for the job, motivation, and personality. You may include a link to your video (eg. YouTube, Vimeo, any public drive with no login required) or attach it in MP4 of MKV format.


Applications will not be accepted by any means other than the web-based submission system. E-mailed, mailed, or faxed applications will not be reviewed.

We appreciate everyone’s interest, however only candidates selected for interview will be contacted. Candidates will normally be invited for an interview within two (2) weeks of the closing date. If you have not heard back from us after four (4) weeks, please assume that you were not selected. Please do not contact us to find the status of your application.

If you have questions for which the answers may affect the content of the application, address them to up to five (5) working days before the closing date. Please only ask questions of clarification that would affect the way you would make your application. The job kit means what it says, so please do not write to confirm whether or not X or Y are really requirements… if they are stated as such, yes, they really are.

Preliminary screening will be based on the candidates’ qualifications according to the stated requirements and the posting may be re-opened if we are not satisfied with the applications.

If selected, the hiring process will involve:

  1. A preliminary remote interview addressing philosophical and broad fit with the project and partners (max 6 candidates)

  2. A technical assignment (max 3 candidates)

  3. A second remote interview (if required) for clarification (max 2 candidates)

  4. Confirmation and vetting through exploring references and internet searching (max 2 candidates)

We appreciate everyone’s interest, however only candidates selected for interview will be contacted. Candidates will normally be invited for an interview within two (2) weeks of the closing date and may be requested to complete a written test.