Rodd Myers, PhD

political ecology | global production networks and value chains | environmental justice | land use governance | impact planning, monitoring and evaluation | sustainable agriculture | results-based management


I am an environmental social scientist. Using mixed-methods in both agricultural and forest-based land use systems as a practitioner and academic, I analyse interactions between society and the environment. I am an experienced project manager and accustomed to co-ordinating teams dispersed around the globe toward meeting results on time and on budget.


  • PhD, University of East Anglia (UK), School of International Development

  • MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, The University of London, The Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine (UK). T.H. Huxley School of Environment, Earth Sciences and Engineering at Wye

  • BA Honours Development Studies, The University of Calgary (Canada)



My research interests are in

  • local-global environmental justice issues around forest-based natural resources;

  • global social and environmental regimes;

  • forest-agriculture land use change;

  • political ecologies of natural resource global production networks; and

  • land tenure security.


Recently, I worked on a global study of multi-level forest governance and REDD+ with CIFOR, and am now focussed on environmental justice in the context of European Union Timber Regulations and FLEGT with the University of East Anglia.


I use my extensive project design, management, monitoring and evaluation experience, including up to $29 million of consecutive programming and up to 65 staff as a natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and organisational consultant, including social and environmental impact as well as specialised market and global production network/value chain analysis from a social perspective.

Current works in progress

My recent publications focus on: 

  • forest governance,

  • land use change, and

  • environmental justice.


Current publications in development are:

  • justices and injustices in the global timber trade,

  • a review and volume of access (the ability to benefit from things),

  • and works related to forests and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Recent consultancies

Recent consultancies include an impact evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Indonesia’s Green Prosperity Fund and the USAID/India Millennium Alliance programme with Social Impact, as well as an evaluation of a climate change and oil pam production project for Norad. Before that, I worked with non-profit organisations in micro-finance, sustainable agriculture and rural co-operative development for 15 years in project development and design, monitoring, evaluation and learning, facilitation and technical advice to international partners.

Other Affiliations:

I have also completed reviews of papers in the following publications:

The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology (2018); Conservation & Society (2016); Climate Policy (2019); Development and Change (2017); Enterprise Development & Finance (2015); Environment, Development and Sustainability (2018); Forest and Society (2017, 2018); Forest Policy and Economics (2016, 2016, 2017, 2019); International Forestry Review (2017, 2018); Journal of Political Ecology (2019); Land Use Policy (2016, 2017, 2018); Routledge Environment and Sustainability (2018); Society & Natural Resources (2019)

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professional and peer-reviewed publications

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Selected projects (9)


End-review of the Norad-supported project INS-16/0003 “Production and Protection Approach to Landscape Management (PALM)” by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) in Indonesia

The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)


Mid-term Performance Evaluation of USAID/India Millennium Alliance Program

Social Impact


MCC Indonesia Green Prosperity Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP) Portfolio Evaluation

Social Impact


Evaluation of Rainforest Foundation Norway's Partner Organisation Forest Watch Indonesia

Rainforest Foundation Norway


Access Revisited

Society & Natural Resources


Evaluation of Green Prosperity Facility

Social Impact


ProdJus (Supranational Forest Governance in an Era of Globalising Wood Production and Justice Politics)

University of East Anglia, School of International Development


Global Comparative Study on REDD+: Multilevel governance

Center for International Forestry Research


Sustainable agriculture co-operative development (Ghana)

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada


Selected publications (23)

Access revisited: An introduction to the special issue


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Society & Natural Resources

Imposing legality: Hegemony and resistance under the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade (FLEGT) initiative


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Society and Natural Resources

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities – An Environmental Justice Perspective on Implications for Forests and People


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Revisiting A Theory of Access: A Review


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Messiness of forest governance: How technical approaches suppress politics in REDD+ and conservation projects


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Inter-sectoral and multilevel coordination alone do not reduce deforestation and advance environmental justice: Why bold contestation works when collaboration fails


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CIFOR InfoBrief

Renting legality: How FLEGT is reinforcing power relations in Indonesian furniture production networks


Open Access

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The park is ruining our livelihoods. We support the park! Unravelling the paradox of attitudes to protected areas


Open Access

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Human Ecology

Claiming the forest: inclusions and exclusions under Indonesia’s ‘new’ forest policies.


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Land Use Policy

Analyzing multilevel governance in Indonesia: lessons for REDD+ through land use change and benefit sharing in Central and West Kalimantan


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CIFOR Occasional Paper

Project guide to coding in Nvivo and codebook


Open Access

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Searching for justice: rights vs ‘benefits' in Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park, Indonesia


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Conservation & Society

What the Indonesian rattan export ban means for domestic and international markets, forests, and the livelihoods of rattan collectors


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Forest Policy and Economics

Multilevel governance challenges in transitioning towards a national approach for REDD+: evidence from 23 subnational REDD+ initiatives


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International Journal for the Study of the Commons

Benefit sharing in context: a comparative analysis of 10 land use change case studies in Indonesia


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Using Circos data visualiser to analyse trade data: a review and how-to guide


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Multi-scalar access analysis: understanding how benefits are shared in a rattan global value chain


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SAGE Research Methods Cases

Origins: how rattan gets to the factory and protects the forest


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Furnicraft Today

Who holds power in land use decisions? Implications for REDD+ in Indonesia