Dian Intarini, MSc

forest governance | participatory research | access and rights | policy setting | environmental justice | impact analysis | non-timber forest product supply chain and markets


I am a forester by education who learnt to think of a long term vision of management as either plantations or conservation. Now, I have come to understand that when we include human dimensions into natural regimes, it is not so simple. My understanding of human and environment interactions  and challenges is  gained through practising  and observing  as both a practitioner and academic over the last 14 years. My dream is that humans will be surrounded by healthy forests and society's needs are met. I analyse the challenges of society and environment and how they could work better together.


  • PhD candidate, University of Twente Centre for Studies in Technology and Sustainable Development (CSTM) (Netherlands).

  • MSc Agricultural Science, Food Security and Natural Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics, University of Hohenheim, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (Germany)

  • BSc Forestry University of Gadjah Mada, Department of Forest Resource Conservation, Faculty of Forestry (Indonesia)



​My research interests are related to:

  • Land tenure

  • Community natural resources management

  • Participation

  • Forest-agroforestry-agriculture land use change

  • Non-state policy setting (Forest and agriculture certification)

  • Forest Management regimes / forest governance 


I have extensive consulting experience with global leaders in natural resource management, such as the Centre for International Forestry Research and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Research in progress

My PhD research concerns the application and applicability of community forestry in regard to a potential participation in REDD+ initiatives in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. The research is conducted in continuation to my research activities at CIFOR, where I have been reviewing REDD+ demonstration sites of Ketapang Community Carbon Pools in West Kalimantan. Main topics of the analysis are challenges and tensions among actors at different levels for implementing REDD+ initiatives, how local people are valuing and managing their forest, how they incorporate their values into a community-based forestry management and REDD+ demonstration activity. To what extent all these aspects can affect REDD+ policy making and its implementation are also covered by the research study.

Editorial postings


years with CIFOR

extensive experience in forest certification standards with the Forest Stewardship Council


years working with forest resources & communities

Selected projects (5)

Market Study of Nutmeg in Europe

2019 - 2020


Evaluation of Rainforest Foundation Norway's Partner Organisation Forest Watch Indonesia

2018 - 2018

Rainforest Foundation Norway

Policy Standard Management

2016 - 2017

Forest Stewardship Council

HCVF and IFL guidance development

2015 - 2016

Forest Stewardship Council

Global Comparative Study on REDD+

2010 - 2015

Center for International Forestry Research


Selected publications (8)


Open Access

Muhammad Alif K.Sahide, Micah R. Fisher, J.T. Erbaughc, Dian Intarini, Wiwik Dharmiasih, Muliadi Makmur, Fatwa Faturachmat, Bart Verheijen, Ahmad Maryudi

Forest Policy and Economics


Open Access

Journal Article

Myers, R., Intarini, D., Sirait, M. and Maryudi, A.

Land Use Policy


Open Access

Book Chapter

Intarini, D.Y., I.A.P. Resosudarmo, M. Komalasari, A.D. Ekaputri, and M. Agustavia

REDD+ on the Ground: A Global Case Book of Subnational Initiatives


Open Access


Intarini, D.Y., I.A.P. Resosudarmo, M. Komalasari, A.D. Ekaputri, and M. Agustavia

REDD+ on the Ground (CIFOR)


Open Access


Komalasari, M., A.D. Ekaputri, and D.Y. Intarini

REDD+ on the Ground (CIFOR)


Open Access


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REDD+ on the Ground (CIFOR)


Open Access

Journal Article

Resosudarmo, I.A.P., S. Atmadja, A.D. Ekaputri, D.Y. Intarini, Y. Indriatmoko, and P. Astri

World Development


Conference Paper

Resosudarmo, I., S. Atmadja, P. Astri, A.D. Ekaputri, D.Y. Intarini, and Y. Indriatmoko

Workshop on Land Tenure and Forest Carbon Management: Lessons for More Effective and Equitable REDD Investments, Land Tenure Center. Madison, WI, États-Unis.